A Mindful Approach to Teaching Martial Arts to Children

IMG_1811Mastodon Training came about after hearing so many stories from parents who wanted to put their kids into martial arts classes, but whose intentions were thwarted by instructors who simply didn’t know how to work with children. Instructors who would yell at children for not being able to do things that they were developmentally not ready to do. Well-meaning instructors who would resort to teaching how they were taught and not realize that children learn differently. My favorite story was of an instructor who made up a monster that lived in the equipment closet to make children behave!

I decided we could and would do better, both for the children and for the schools that aim to serve them.

I also didn’t want to limit people in what to teach. I teach traditional Taekwon-do and could certainly give you my curriculum, but what if you teach JuJitsu or Judo? It’s my intention to share with you the principles behind what makes a good children’s program and to help you create your own.

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