Endorsements & Testimonials

We are proud to share these endorsements and testimonials for our work as proof of the concept that “A Mindful Approach to Teaching Martial Arts to Children” is the most effective and empowering method we can strive for.

“I’ve never seen anyone get from kids what [Master Sardiñas] get[s] from kids.”
Grandmaster Kim, Suk Jun, 9th Dan, President, Taekwon-Do International

“… My staff and I have already started implementing some of the things that we’ve learned in the seminar to our classes. I can see results already and honestly, I couldn’t be more pleased…” (Watch the video below for the entire testimonial)
Paul D’Ambrosio, Master Trainer, Aliso Hills Taekwon-Do

“I met Master Dawn Sardinas in May 2005.  I had the pleasure of working with her and assisting with her children’s program at S.J. Kim’s Taekwon-Do for 4 years.  Master Sardinas taught me a great deal about working with kids.  She was always respected by her students and never had a problem maintaining an orderly and productive class environment.  She did an excellent job of keeping a stern demeanor, while never raising her voice at a child.  Any lecture given or any time a student needed some more disciplinary attention, she wore a smile on her face and the conversation ended with a high-five.  Master Sardinas provided a great level of encouragement towards every child.  She stressed the importance of the 5 tenets of Taekwon-Do:  Self control, courtesy, indomitable spirit, integrity and especially perseverance.   Besides being looked up to by her children students, she was always admired by her peers.  Master Sardinas is a fantastic example of what a female martial artist should be.  She never lacks discipline and focus on the mat, she is a confident and talented practitioner and exemplifies a master’s attitude of always working to improve her mind and body.   I am extremely fortunate to have learned from her.  I remember all that she has taught me from 9 years ago and anybody would be lucky to have her as their instructor.”
Lauren Geber, 4th Dan

Master Dawn Sardinas is a passionate and experienced educator and martial arts practitioner.  Her genuine love and respect for Taekwondo, and for helping students to do their best, comes across in every aspect of her instruction. Not only is she a skilled and talented Taekwondo teacher, but she also has the rare ability to identify and articulate what makes for a successful martial arts business and program.  Master Sardinas is able to pair her vast knowledge of children and their development, with keen insights into how to connect with and motivate kids and families.  She understands the many ways in which martial arts can provide just the right supports and challenges to help students reach their full potential.
Mastodon Teacher Training has been fueled by this strong belief that successful martial arts programs can foster both personal and community growth.   This program can give teachers and school owners crucial information and reliable models for building a thriving martial arts school.  Instructors and practitioners of all levels can benefit from Master Sardinas’s knowledge of child development, understanding of how to differentiate instruction, tried and true ways of interacting with families, structuring for lessons that support and challenge, and teaching methods that engage students and keep them motivated.”
Tara Loughran, elementary school teacher